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Frequently asked Questions to us

  • Will you do Projects outside Bangalore, or are you restrcited only to Bangalore ?"
    We do projects across the country, We do not have any geographical restrictions.
  • What is the minimun budget required to do Interiors ?
    It can start from 50,000/-, based on the kind of requirements you have the prices will vary.
  • Do you give guarantee for your work ?
    We give service guarantee free for 2 years and our hardware comes with the warranty of 10 years
  • What is the time required to finish interiors for a House or a Flat ?
    The timeline for every project varies based on the Design and Concept usually the timeline varies from 3 days - 90 days.
  • What kind of materials do you use, Is it of good quality ?"
    We use plywood and laminates of brands like Century, Greenply, Sunmica, Merino, Timex We use Hardwwares of brands like Grass, Hettich, Haffale, Ebco Since we use the mentioned brands naturally quality and duraility is covered.
  • Do you all do Washroom Renovation, Plumbing, Tiling, Painting, Civil works ?"
    Yes, We are a one stop solution for all your needs.
  • Can we see your Processing unit during the project execution ?
    Yes, you are most welcome to experience our processing unit.
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